Please call Maia (646) 270-0250 with any questions


1. Students can not leave the building without adult supervision.
2. Students can not be left alone when the building is closed. The receptionist or teacher can wait 15 minutes maximum until the parent o guardian has arrive to pick up the student (please call if you are going to be late) otherwise you would have to pay an extra class time on your bill if you are not on time.
3. It is mandatory to call if your child is going to be absent for class.
4. Students who are late more than 15 minutes must observe the class, this is in the benefit their health ( they could be injured if they do not warm up correctly) and is disrespectful to rest of the class.

5. It is important to attend all classes, be on time and participate fully and with a good attitude.
6. If you have injuries or specific physical problems please inform the teacher prior to the beginning of the class.

7. Tuition have to be pay in advance.
8. In order to correct students alignment (placement) and execution the teacher may at times make hands on correction to the students’ bodies. This is a time honored and effective part of traditional instruction. If however, you have a problem with this it is your responsibility to inform the instructor prior the class.
9. If you have any problem or questions about the class or teaching style employed, please feel free to make an appointment to discuss them with the Director of NRA.



1. No street shoes in the gym.
2. No eat, drink or chewing gum in the gym (you only can bring a bottle of water)
3. Not pictures or videos without permission during the classes.
4. Not jewelry during classes or rehearsal.
5. Not cell phone during classes or rehearsal.
6. Hair must be held back in a bun for all levels.
7. It's mandatory to our students be dressed according to the dress code to attend the classes.