Elizabeth Kaleva – Gymnast of the month – August 2023

Elizabeth Kaleva is a seasoned Rhythmic Gymnast with over a decade of dedicated training under her belt.
Throughout her journey, she has achieved an impressive tally of 80+ medals, showcasing her consistent excellence and determination. Notably, her journey to the top was marked by her triumphant win of a Gold medal at Level 5 for her performance with the ball during the State Championship.
When it comes to her palate, Elizabeth’s preference leans towards the delectable flavors of chicken Alfredo.
Academically, she finds her passion aligning with Sports Medicine, making it her favored subject at school. This resonates with her aspirations, as she envisions a future as a doctor or surgeon.
Radiating a touch of personal style, pink is Elizabeth’s favorite color, reflecting her vibrant and spirited nature.
Amidst her endeavors, she cherishes quality time spent with friends, relishing the joy that companionship brings.
One gymnast who captures Elizabeth’s admiration is Soldatova, a favorite of hers for compelling reasons. Soldatova’s graceful lines and impressive flexibility on the mat resonate deeply with Elizabeth’s artistic sensibilities. The way Soldatova’s performances exude elegance and precision serves as a continuous source of inspiration for Elizabeth’s own rhythmic gymnastics journey.

Nevada Rhythmic Academy

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