Natalia Tanner – GYMNAST OF THE MONTH – OCTOBER 2021

Meet Natalia Tanner – our very own 11 years old very talented gymnast!

She started when she was 4,5 years old following her older sister’s steps and since then she kept giving her passion and heart to this sport.
For almost 7 years, Natalia competed in more than 20 competitions and won many different color medals. All of them are very special, but 2 are very close to her heart:

  • Gold AA Hoop champion 2019 (LA Cup)
  • AA Nevada Champion 2019

“Natalia has earned “Gymnast of the Month” Award by expressing constant love, dedication and focus throughout her practices. She is always a pleasure to have at gym.”– said Tsvetelina Tabakova co-owner and Head coach of Nevada Rhythmic Academy.

When Natalia is not in the gym, she is one of the most organized 11 years old girl. On the weekend she deep cleans her room, but also, she loves to play outside with friends. Natalia is very creative; she makes stuff all the time. The young athlete loves softball but mostly she loves Gymnastics.
Here are few more personal facts about Natalia:

  • Natalia’s favorite apparatus is Hoop
  • Favorite Ice cream – Vanilla Ice cream
  • Favorite subject in school is Math
  • If there is no gym she likes to play outside with friends.
  • Natalia’s favorite color is baby blue.
  • She wants to go to Nationals
  • Natalia likes Lala Kramarenko because her turns are amazing

When Natalia grows up, she wants to work in the show and to become Home organizer specialist.

Nevada Rhythmic Academy is blessed to have and coach this dedicated and talented athlete. Way to go girl!

Nevada Rhythmic Academy

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