Yana Golovan – Gymnast of the month – January 2022

“Yana is on her way to success already proving herself in competition. She is sharing the podium with the top gymnasts in level 10. Working together with the coaches, handling her emotions in a mature way and works hard. Not just a gymnast, but a performer who is already defining her unique personal style in her routines.” – Benedikt Baumann – coach at Nevada Rhythmic Academy  

  • How many years she is doing gymnastics? – 10 years
  • What medals has she won? – 100 medals from different competitions and got awarded for different places
  • What’s her favorite apparatus? – clubs
  • When she got her first gold medal? – Level 3 Emerald city Grand Competition
  • Favorite food ? – sushi
  • Favorite subject at school ? – English
  • What she like to do after school ? – if not in the gym – hang out with my friends
  • Favorite color ?- blue
  • How she sees herself in the future ?- National team member in Rhythmic gymnastics
  • Does she have a favorite gymnast to follow ?- Alina Harnasko, because she has nice lines, amazing facial expression, great masteries and her personally is great too.
Yana Golovan
won 1st place all around Level 10Jr in Winter Cup, Boston, MA!

Nevada Rhythmic Academy

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