Varvara Poniatovskaya – Gymnast of the month – February 2022

  • 14 gold medals
  • Grand Champion all around against 50 gymnasts
  • Third generation gymnasts athlete

Varvara Poniatovskaya is a nine-year-old little gymnast native to Las Vegas. Her gymnastic story started while she was traveling across the country with her parents as part of the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus family, where her mother, who is a second-generation gymnast athlete, performed acrobatic and aerial parts. It did not take too long before Varvara started to show interest and began to participate in daily a warmup routine. There she was noticed by a fellow performer who volunteered to teach the 3-years old Varvara rhythmic gymnastics. During next 18 months Varvara patiently shaped her skills and even made her first performance during circus family gathering. Upon return to Las Vegas, Varvara was admitted to Nevada Rhythmic Academy in September of 2017 for level 3. In the same time Varvara started to attend ballet classes taught by her grandmother, Monika Rostomian, a recognized professional teacher of Vaganov Ballet School. Since then, under professional coaching from Lina Tabakova, Maia Tabakova and Ben Baumann, Varvara earned 14 gold, 5 silver and 9 bronze medals with the biggest achievement earned at LA Rythmic competition where Varvara was awarded a Grand Champion all around for Level 7 competing against 50 gymnasts.

Varya’s favorite apparatus is ball. She won her first gold medal in January 2019 for Hoop routine.

Varya’s favorite foods are pizza and chicken nuggets. She looks forward to the reading classes at school and reading time at home.
She loves purple color. After school Varya also enjoys playing with her little sisters and using the IPad. Varya has a hard time deciding between Archeologist and paleontologist as her future profession.

Varvara Poniatovskaya
Grand Champion all around against 50 gymnasts

Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus

Nevada Rhythmic Academy

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